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The Lively Gazette October/November 2023

Glorious greetings to all Lively Gazette readers - welcome to issue #26!

"As the curator of the beloved Gazette each month, this spring's bi-monthly edition holds special personal significance. Since August 2022, I've cherished the opportunity to research, edit, and compile various Lively Tales and interesting tidbits for the reading pleasure of our wider Lively Community. However, with mixed emotions, I must share that this edition marks my final contribution to the Lively Gazette. Later this month, I'll be moving to London to pursue studies abroad. I sincerely hope you have enjoyed the past editions over the many months, and look forward to the various transformations I’m sure the Gazette will undergo in the future! ✨💌"

Lively Helper & Gazette Curator, Serena

"I want to congratulate and thank Serena for her successful "Gazette-ship" over the past 12 issues of our Lively Gazette. These issues have been injected with her creative flair and it has been so wonderful to see each issue roll out. Serena will be sorely missed but we are so excited for her next chapter and know that she has a bright future! Here we are above giving each other a high five as Serena signs off."

Lively Community Relations Builder, Sophia

Just as swiftly as it arrived (if it ever even did ☔️!), spring in Melbourne has come to an end. However, fret not, plenty happened over the last two months and we’re excited to share all the stories with you below. As always, if you’re ever inspired by the curious chronicles you read in the Gazette and feel like you have something similar to share with the community, please never hesitate to do so - whether tale or talking point - with us via this form.

Ann & Roger’s occasion of cake and celebration 🥳🧹🎂

“Today is Roger's birthday! He sang a jolly birthday song as I walked in! It was a rainy day so we spent it inside dusting shelves. We celebrated Roger’s birthday with a fruit cheesecake, apple tart I bought and coffee. Here's to celebrating 91 years of Roger 👨‍⚕️🥂👏”

Words from Helper, Ann

Margaret & Cherry’s pursuit of fabric and froth 🚙🧵☕️

“Today we went to Spotlight to buy tracks, eyelets and material for some curtains in Margaret’s bedroom. We also had a look for a holder for Margaret’s phone to stay put in her car. Afterwards, we popped over to Northland for a coffee and muffin before heading back home.”

Words from Helper, Cherry

Michelle & Serena’s day of shoe care and self care 🫙👞✨

“Today Michelle reintroduced me to the magic that is … DUBBIN!!! I spent most of the session coating a variety of Michelle’s beautiful leather shoes in the wax while she cooked dinner for tonight. After I had watered the plants, we then headed to the supermarket for some groceries. Once there, I made sure to buy some Dubbin for myself - it’s amazing stuff and I can’t wait to try my own shoe care at home!”

Words from Helper, Serena

Warm welcome to Cherry 👋

“After the departure of the lovely Kay to greener pastures, the Hiring team was super excited to welcome our newest team member, Lively Helper Cherry! Our Hiring team is a friendly, approachable point of contact for prospective helpers with a commitment to being a warm, respectful and caring point of contact for young people who want to work with us. We had some other absolutely fantastic helpers who applied for this internal position, so a big congrats to Cherry.”

Lively Helper Coordinator & Matching Team, Robin

If you know a young person who's excited about working with older community members, they can reach out to Cherry and Lillian at if they have questions, or they can apply at any time via our website,

Selfies in Spring 🤳

As the season once again shifts, we are reminded of how crazy spring in Melbourne always is. However, rain or shine, our Helper/Member duos made the absolute most of their sessions together. Whether capitalising on our Transport service to pursue Personal Projects during rainy days, or taking advantage of sunny days to do some Social Gardening, Helpers and Members always had a smile on their faces as they happily posed for selfies mid-session!

For Helper Emma and Member Susan (middle), the duo made the most of their session by starting with some Tech Help instead and then driving to Bunnings to buy some mulch for Susan’s garden - sounds like an important step to Social Gardening! Ending their session with a coffee and chat is exactly how Helper Cherry and Member Lisa (left) finished up theirs - catching up in some beautiful looking cafes. But first, Cherry and Lisa were keen to pursue a Personal Project of sewing by travelling to Spotlight and picking up some fabrics and materials. Finally, Helper Rochelle and Member Jan (right) worked on Jan’s personal project of developing her garden - planting three flowers, weeding & sweeping in the front garden!

October Helper Meet-Up @ Our Community House 🙋

Last month we brought together helpers once again for our bimonthly Helper Meet-Up. At these sessions, Helpers are able to connect, debrief, receive additional training and provide feedback on any additional support or resources they need in their Lively work.

“In October, we caught up for an important refresher on Lively workplace safety policies, which we explored by means of talking through a range of complex scenarios they might encounter while working at Members' homes. Lively has a 'no questions asked' policy when it comes to Helper safety, with Helpers supported to leave a session at any time when they feel unsafe or uncomfortable.

In this way, as well as setting some clear boundaries around the Helper role, we try to set up and maintain a culture of safety where Helpers never feel under pressure to undertake activities that are at the edge of their abilities or comfort.”

Lively Helper Coordinator, Robin

"It’s wonderful to have our meet up every two months! I was actually looking forward to our meet ups every time because they are just so fun and it’s a fantastic opportunity to see mates and pals in Lively and our lovely Lively teams.

I have to mention that Lively gives me the best experience for being an employee, and the meet up is a super add on!”

-Lively Helper, Harry

Victorian Seniors Week @ SPAN Community House 😆

This October as part of Seniors Week a few of our Lively Helpers put on a Helper-led get-together for our Darebin program members and Lively Helpers at SPAN Community House in Thornbury to come together to play some board games, have a cup of tea and swap some garden produce. There was plenty of food and cheer to go around!

“It was a cosy and intimate afternoon with yummy food shared and lots of laughs. We were having so much fun we forgot to take more photos! It was also the first time for the Lively Helpers to receive their new Lively ID lanyards which they were pretty happy about.”

Lively Community Relations Builder, Sophia

Lively | HSSO webinar

Recently, Lively was invited by the Human Services Skills Organisation (HSSO) to host a webinar for aged care providers to share our insights and learnings from successfully attracting and retaining a youth workforce.

It was a real team effort with HQers Paul, Robin and myself presenting, alongside our super star matching team of Lively Helpers, Xinran and Hannah. We had 45 people register for the webinar and feedback was that it was well received and valuable information.

Our last hiring intake had over 50 applications for 3 helper positions and our current hiring deadline has around the same! (Deadline is December 15th and they are still coming in.) In a sector where workforce shortage is common, we must be doing something right!

We have partnered with HSSO to send young candidates whom we cannot accommodate with Lively through to HSSO to place in care positions with other aged care providers.

If you are an aged care provider and interested in viewing the slides from our webinar, please email:

Lively Community Relations Builder, Sophia

🚨 Book Recommendation Alert 🚨

This one comes in from Lively’s Anna who recently read (and loved) Hoodie Economics.

In the aftermath of the Voice outcome, it feels ever more important for non-Indigenous Australians to expand their knowledge and understanding of the great value and wisdom inherent in Indigenous perspectives and knowledge. 'Hoodie Economics' by AIME Founder, Jack Manning Bancroft, is a thought-provoking, enlightening and inspiring read about how Indigenous ways of thinking could help us better prioritise relationships in our economic systems, and move towards a more sustainable and harmonious world. Lots to learn from and enact!

- Lively Founder and CEO, Anna

October/November Pearl of Wisdom 🎄

For many members of our wider Lively Community, the end of the calendar year is a special time as it signifies rebirth and new beginnings through Christmas and the New Year.

Simply loving others is a great way to get into the spirit, but certainly not something that can only start now - here’s to another year of year-round love!

Are you a Member, Helper or Friend of Lively with a pearl of wisdom (life tip or inspiring quote) or any content ideas for the Lively Gazette that you’d like to share with us? We'd love your contribution! Please email us at if you would like to feature anything in the next edition!


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