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The Lively Gazette June/July 2023

Welcome back to the Lively Gazette, returning from a one-month holiday hiatus for issue #24

We hope those of you who stayed in Melbourne braved the cold with ease, and those who had a chance to get away to somewhere warmer had a brilliant time! Personally, I (Lively Helper Serena) was lucky enough to visit family and friends in Malta and Italy over the holidays. Not only was it a great way for me to reconnect, but also to relax and recharge!

This Gazette is action-packed with stories from both Lively Helpers and Members about their experiences with each other and the broader Lively community. As a particular treat, we have included some video recordings of Lively Darebin Members who attended our recent co-design workshop with fellow program participants, Lively Helpers and Darebin council staff, featuring the insights they had to share. We hope you enjoy and relate to all the Lively Tales within this edition!

If you ever feel inspired and want to contribute yourself, to any section of the Gazette, do not hesitate to contact us via this form and share your stories with the wider community!

Ann & Mick's adventure to Bunnings 🌸

“Today, Mick and I headed to Bunnings to pick up flowers for the garden! We grabbed a few tubs of violas for pops of colour and some fertiliser to keep them healthy. When we got back, I got started on weeding, laying down the fertiliser and finally planting the flowers. It was a jam-packed, but fun day!”

Words from Helper, Ann

Ella & Pam's indoor day of productivity ☔️

“As it was raining, Pam and I decided to find things to do indoors for today's session. Pam said that she wanted to do research into comparing car insurance types and prices, so I assisted her in doing this for some time. Towards the end of the session, Pam and I sat down for a cup of tea and had a chat. She also showed me some of a new show she has been watching on SBS. Pam said that if it is raining next time, we could organise some cupboards in her home."

Words from Helper, Ella

Ann & Francesca's balcony bonanza 🍂

“Today, I helped Francesca set up an orchid display on her balcony. This included cleaning and transporting bricks and timber, weeding the orchid pots, removing dead leaves and carrying the pots over! I then dug and weeded a section of her veggie patch. Francesca very sweetly made me a sandwich for lunch which tasted like love”

Words from Helper, Ann

Lively Community Tech Help-Supporting digital literacy for seniors

Lively Community Tech programs are firing on all cylinders! We have just delivered some sessions in Brimbank ,and currently have group Tech Help programs running in the following locations:

South Yarra Senior Citizens Centre; Kathleen Syme Community Centre, Carlton; Jean McKendry Neighbourhood Centre, North Melbourne; Kensington Neighbourhood Centre; Footscray Library; Braybrook Library; Maribyrning Library; Yarraville Library. If that looks like a lot of locations, it is! These are FREE weekly sessions.

Please get in touch with the venue directly to book your spot!

We also have a drop-in 'Pop-Up' program running for seniors to get some 1:1 Tech Help at the Community Hub at 94 Ormond Rd, Kensington.

Some feedback from program participants:

"Although we're old, we're still keen to learn how to use this digital stuff. Thank you for being here and helping us. I can learn something new every time I come here."

Words from Member, Mr Feng

"You are always so patient and gentle. I don't dare to ask my children these questions as they're easy to get annoyed. Thank you so much."

Words from Member, Mrs Lew

“The Tech Helpers are very helpful. I try to come every week.”

Words from Member, Bekhit

Discussions with Darebin Lively Members

Now hear straight from Lively Darebin Members who attended our co-design workshops where we invited program participants, Lively Helpers and Darebin council staff to come along and give feedback and input into our social support program. We are so grateful to collaborate on this program with the Supported and Connected Living teams at Darebin council.

If you, or someone you know is a senior resident in Darebin and is interested in knowing more about having a Lively Helper to help out around the home and garden, or to get out and about to local activities, call the Darebin Positive Ageing Team on 03 8470 8543 to find out more.

Updates from the June Helper Meet-Up @ Our Community House 👨‍🏫

"Last month, we held our bimonthly Helper Meet-Up, where Helpers are able to connect, share stories and challenges from their last two months of work, and receive further training in skills for the Helper position and which they can take into future jobs.

At our June Meet-Up, Lively HQ brought a proposal to Helpers for transitioning to work in a team-based model; we had some great chats together about what this would look like, and how to make it successful and positive for Helpers. As part of group icebreakers, we also developed concepts for our Lively pop music supergroups, and we hope you'll keep your ears open for Tinned Peach Nostalgia and The Eras when they hit the big time!"

Words from Helper Coordinator, Robin

Lively’s Intergenerational Disco @ SPAN Community House 🕺

"On Friday 28th of July at SPAN Community House in Thornbury, we finally had our inaugural Lively Intergenerational Disco! This was an idea that Anna and I dreamt up earlier this year and have excitedly been working towards ever since. All of us at HQ love nothing more than a good boogie, and what better way to share the love than a disco? I enlisted the help of our new Party Planning Committee (Anh, Monique, and Ella) and we had a blast putting together ideas for the event and drawing up promotional material. We were aiming for the classic 70s vibe but also drew inspiration from across the decades for a robust dance-fest. And the night itself… well, it was a dream! We had a great mix of HQers, Helpers, Members, and other Lively friends, and everyone shimmied their way into ridiculous outfits and boogied like there was no tomorrow. We had amazing party lights, a sparkly disco ball, and an overflowing costume box; what more could you ask for?? We fuelled up on delicious pizza - thank you to A Slice of Rome in Thornbury - between party games, and just left it all on the dance floor. Feeling sad you missed it? Well, we can’t blame you. But have no fear, this disco was such a success that we’re planning another as we speak! Watch this space 😉

Words from Helper, Hannah

Max & Emma: New Helpers join our team this July! 👋

We were super excited to welcome our two new Helpers, Max and Emma (pictured left and centre), to our Lively community in July! We know our Members are going to absolutely love working with these two legends. Straight from our HQ Helper Coordinator, Robin (right), we’re told that if you cross paths with Max, you can ask him about his upcoming stand-up comedy shows, while you can pick Emma's brains about all things Architecture and Design as she finishes her third year of uni this year!

RN Interview with Melissa Levi: Re-framing how we talk about ageing and mortality

“Recently, I happened to hear this interview with clinical psychologist Melissa Levi on ABC RN Breakfast on my drive into work. It made a lot of sense to me and inspired me to chat with my ageing parents on what supports they would like in place as they age - a conversation that I knew that I 'should' have, but had avoided as my parents are proud, capable and haven't wanted help thus far. I thought that it was worth sharing with the Lively community.”

Words from Community Relations Builder, Sophia

June/July Pearls of Wisdom: sent in by Lively Member Anastasia

Are you a Member, Helper or Friend of Lively with a pearl of wisdom (life tip or inspiring quote) or any content ideas for the Lively Gazette that you’d like to share with us? We'd love your contribution! Please email us at if you would like to feature anything in the next edition!


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