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Some of our program partners

We work with a range of partners, designing and delivering programs that keep older people connected to the community and the world around them.


At the same time, we also create meaningful employment opportunities for young people in these communities, setting them up to succeed in the changing future of work.

Lively Community Partnerships

Aged care providers
Community organisations
Councils and Government

Who we partner with

Community Tech Help 

Helping older people improve their digital literacy through friendly group tutorials, run over a period of time in public settings.


A gardening program that supported older people back into their gardens with the help of a young companion.

Safe and Connected

A remote support program that offered tech help, social support and practical assistance during COVID-19 lockdowns.

Some of the partnership programs we have run include

The above is just a sample of some of the programs we've run so far. We're also routinely contracted by aged care providers and local government partners to provide our in-home Lively Helper Services through CHSP (Social Support, Individual) or Home Care Package funding. 

If you've got an idea of an intergenerational program you'd like us to help design or run, get in touch; chances are, we can make it happen!

If you’re interested in learning more, or want to chat about how we might work together, get in touch.

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