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Community Programs

Lively Helpers run fun and engaging group-based programs in community settings, such as libraries, community centres or senior citizens centres. 

One of our primary community programs is Community Tech Help, which takes a unique approach to building digital skills for older community members. 

Community Tech Help sessions offer a fun, lively and accessible environment for older participants to overcome tech anxiety, get excited about technology, learn new skills and open up new horizons. 

At the same time, local young people receive meaningful employment and skill development, while getting to know and learn from older people in their community - building intergenerational connection, understanding and respect. 

Community Tech Help is run in collaboration with our wide network of community partners, and offered in public settings such as libraries, community centres, aged care facilities and public housing. To find out if there is a program coming up in your local area, or to enquire about partnering with us to deliver a program, see our contact details below.

Some of the topics covered during Community Tech programs include...

Choosing a smartphone and setting it up

Checking and sending emails and gmail

Sending SMS messages

Facebook & social media

Video calling

Connecting to WiFi and internet browsing

Using ABC iView, SBS on demand and Netflix

Listening to music, radio & podcasts

Taking photos & videos

Watching movies & TV on your device

Writing documents & Microsoft Word

Helping with accessibility

And more!

“I’ve learned how to communicate with my children and grandchildren, it’s been really nice to see their faces. I’m finding out things that I never thought I could do. I did a European tour 5 years ago, after a few sessions with my Helper, I could track my trip and retrace my steps."

“My Helper has taught me Facebook and YouTube. I'm more confident now to do it by myself. We also chat about how to cook, it’s lovely. I’ve had a computer for a while, but now I’m more interested. I’ve been able to use Skype and learn how to video chat.”

"The digital divide is a serious problem for our generation, and I’m an educated person. Tech is scary (especially in negotiating your world) and the consistency of this program has been reassuring. It’s felt like an equal partnership, a creative process. It’s been a personalised life-line, very unique and unrushed.”

What participants say

Contact us if you'd like to find out more about programs running locally, or to partner with us to bring Lively Community Programs to your area.

Please request a callback and our Community Guide will be in touch within 2 business days.

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