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Our story

When Lively's Founder Anna was 21 years old, she volunteered to write the life story of an isolated older woman named Patricia. Seeing first hand Patricia's experience of loneliness and isolation, and being deeply upset by it, Anna was inspired to find a way of preventing other older people from finding themselves in the same situation.

At the same time, Anna was concerned that young people were too often being turned away by employers based on negative assumptions about their capability and ‘inexperience’ - ignoring their innate qualities of enthusiasm, optimism and eagerness to learn.

Inspired by her own experiences of a meaningful intergenerational friendship, Anna saw the opportunity to build an organisation that would bring young and older people together to support each other – building valuable connections, and giving each other the leg up they both needed. And so, Lively was born…

Our Purpose

We know young and older people are just as capable as the rest of our society, but they're not always seen that way. Lively's programs and services look to build understanding across generations, breaking down shallow stereotypes of the limitations of age. 


At the same time, we're giving young people meaningful career opportunities from the get-go. Lively builds its Helpers skills and confidence in an environment where they're empowered to make a real difference in the lives of older Australians.

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