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Our Theory of Change

Our story

When Lively's Founder Anna was 21 years old, she volunteered to write the life story of an isolated older woman named Patricia. Anna was deeply enriched by the stories and life experience that Patricia shared with her. But she was also shocked to witness the stark reality of what it looks like for such a rich and full life to end in utter loneliness and isolation. After Patricia passed away, she was inspired to find a way of preventing other older people from finding themselves in the same situation.

At the same time, Anna was concerned by youth unemployment, and by the prevalence of young people being turned away from meaningful work due to a lack of previous experience. She wondered - where do you get the experience when no one will give you a job?

Inspired by her own experiences of a meaningful intergenerational friendship, Anna saw the opportunity to build an organisation that would bring young and older people together to support each other – building valuable connections, and giving each other the leg up they both needed. And so, Lively was born…

Our Purpose

4 in 10

older people feel lonely, isolated and disconnected.


of young Australians are unemployed or underemployed


of Australians have negative attitudes towards older community members.

At Lively, we exist to reduce unemployment, improve support and connectedness for older community members, and build a more age-friendly society.

We train and employ young jobseekers to provide support and connection for older people in their local community - offering entry-level jobs that instil a sense of purpose and contribution, while building invaluable professional skills in a nurturing work environment.

Through the process, we also build meaningful intergenerational relationships that enable older people to share their rich life experience back with the young - fostering greater understanding, awareness and respect for older community people. 

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