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Where young and older people connect, share and grow

Lively is a not-for-profit that employs big-hearted young people to offer support and connection for older community members.

Through these relationships, we're working to build a world where all young and older people feel valued, connected and supported.

Why Lively?

Home care
Personal projects
Event companion
Meals & Groceries
Around the house
Social Gardening
Tech Help
Transport out and about

Some of the things our Helpers can assist with...

These are just a few of the things we can offer. Learn more about our Lively Helper services here, or view our home care service here.


"The thing about being old, is when a young person comes into your path, or your stratosphere, they make you feel younger. That’s just a fact. Just by their very youthfulness.”


“Things that were once a closed door to me before are now a window of hope. The change has been very significant.”


“This has been a journey of rediscovering and reinventing! It's been magic… I've been reflecting about how different I am, I've come out of my shell. I'm blossoming and enjoying the appointments, I regret that I haven't done it sooner.”

Real relationships

Our model approaches support as a partnership, not a product. We’ll match you with the right Helper and support you both to develop an authentic and trusting relationship over time.

True flexibility

We’re responsive, not restrictive. Lively Helpers are equipped to support you with a whole range of different activities - it’s all about supporting you to pursue the unique goals and hobbies that keep life interesting.

Deeply local

We always aim to match our Members with Helpers local to them so that they live and work in the same community, with local knowledge to share with each other. 


I love chatting to people from all different walks of life and getting to support people in any way possible. I love to travel and when I visit my members I’m able to hear all their stories from travelling throughout their lives. I am currently studying nursing and Lively is helping me develop my skills to pursue a career in nursing.


My role at Lively allows me to make meaningful connections with the older generation and engage with my community. I’m often offered invaluable chances to up-skill, and I really feel that I’m a valued member of the team. I love my work and hope to keep learning and growing with Lively for a long time to come.


I love hearing different people’s stories and experiences. I’ve always known my career would involve helping people, having spent some previous time volunteering in aged care. Working with Lively is equal parts rewarding and exciting; I’m always up for a session.

Our Helpers

Interested in becoming a Lively Helper? Learn more here.

What our Members say

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