Lively Light Support

Need a touch of support so you can stay active and comfortable in your home and community?

Lively can help with that!

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We don't think getting help should feel like a chore, so we do support a little differently.  

In fact, we think connecting with a Lively Helper can be the first step into some exciting new beginnings.  

Our young Helpers aren't just there to help around the house (although that's certainly part of it), they'll support you to pursue or explore all the things that make life interesting. Want to attend a painting class, learn tai chi or check out the new local cafe? We're here for it.

Make life a little more joyful with a Lively Helper on your side.


What we can help with

Around the house

Cleaning, laundry, dry cleaning, changing and making the bed.


Clearing and tidying weeds, pruning and cutting, or planting and nurturing your garden.

Keeping on the move

Transport to your appointments or social occasions, heading out to the shops, etc.

Event companion

Going to the movies, attending events or heading out shopping or to cafes and restaurants.

Tech Help

Learning to use technology like Facebook, video calls, sending emails etc.

Passions & interests

Attending arts and craft lessons, yoga sessions etc - it all depends on what you'd like to do.

Personal goals

Discovering new pastimes - like learning a new language or skill.

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Something you'd like help doing but isn't on this list? Don't worry, we're flexible. Just let us know and we can work it out together. 


Need a little more help coordinating your supports or accessing a broader range of services? Check out our home care service here.


We’re a not-for-profit, so we only charge what’s necessary to deliver high-quality support. There’s no lock-in contracts, hidden charges or exit fees - just friendly support at a reasonable price.


Type of supportStandard HoursNon-standard HoursSaturdaySundayPublic Holiday
Lively Helper support $45 $50 $64 $80 $95

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Want to learn more about Lively’s light supports? Give our Community Guide a ring, or leave your details and arrange a priority callback.

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