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Lively Helper Services

Lively Helpers are unique companions - there to bring richness, ease and new possibilities into everyday life.

From connecting with the digital world to staying involved in the garden, tackling a cluttered cupboard or getting out to a museum, a Lively Helper is a bit like a grandkid who has the time and enthusiasm to help out with the little things that can make a big difference. 

When you engage a Lively Helper, you're signing up for a meaningful relationship that can support you over time in various ways - not just to get a specific task done. We hope that your Helper will become a trusted friend who supports you to keep enjoying life as your needs and circumstances change.

In turn, engaging a Lively Helper provides a young person with meaningful paid employment, and the chance to learn from the stories, knowledge and experience of our older 'Members'.

Tech Help

Getting familiar with a new device, or learning how to get online to connect, communicate and pursue interests.

Social Gardening

Help to maintain involvement in and upkeep of the garden - working together to help with the bits that have become a bit too hard.

Keeping on the move

Transport and assistance to get out to social activities, places of interest, community events or meaningful activities.

Personal projects

Pursuing projects around the home, or creative activities - think family history writing, documenting recipes, decluttering or completing a craft project.

What Lively Helpers can assist with

But don't let this limit your imagination! In general, as long as you and your Helper agree to an activity, and it feels safe, you can choose your own adventure. 

Get in touch

Want to learn more about Lively’s Helper Services? Leave us a message and our Community Guide will contact you within 2 business days.

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Standard Hours

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We’re a not-for-profit, so we only charge what’s necessary to deliver high-quality support. Our fees fund fair wages for our young Helpers, as well as the provision of our training, mentoring and support that helps them kickstart their careers.

Lively Helper services are designed to be experienced as ongoing, regular sessions at a frequency of your choice. This provides stable employment to our young Helpers, and supports you to build a genuine relationship over time. Helpers can be engaged for two hours or more at a time, and the minimum booking or referral is four sessions.

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