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An intergenerational gardening program that gets older people back out in their gardens and socialising with a younger companion.

Lively partners with councils to support older residents to maintain an active involvement in gardening for their enjoyment, healthy and wellbeing, while getting to know and work with a young person. 


The program isn’t just about gardening; it’s about buddying older people up with a Helper who acts as a friendly face and a willing pair of hands to keep seniors involved in their garden.


It’s not a traditional gardening service - while our Helpers have the necessary tools and equipment they aren’t professional gardeners, and they solicit the advice and horticultural expertise of older people so they’re working side-by-side.

Interested in running a Buds program?

If you’d like to run something like Buds in your local area, or chat about our other community programs, get in touch.

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