Become a Lively Helper

Looking for casual or part-time work and struggling to get your foot in the door? Keen to do something more rewarding than standing behind a checkout?

Lively employs young people under 25 to provide meaningful support to older people in our community. Here’s some of the things you can do as a Lively employee: 

Technology Help

Help older people learn how to use technology to connect with their friends and family, pursue their interests and access information. It could be helping them explore a new iPad, teaching them how to use Skype to call their grandchildren overseas, or showing them how to stream their favourite music online.

You’ll be helping to open up a world of connection, interest and opportunity for people who would otherwise be excluded from the possibilities of the digital world. 

Photo archiving

Help older people scan their albums of printed photos into a digital archive that their family can keep and pass on forever. You’ll work with older people to choose the photos they’d like to preserve, then scan them and record the stories and memories behind the pictures. You’ll be creating an invaluable digital archive that will be kept, treasured and passed down through the generations.  

Help at home

Give a light helping hand to older people who can’t quite manage some of the little jobs at home anymore. It might be walking the dog, helping out in the garden or simply wiping dust off hard to reach places. No matter what, you’ll be making a huge difference and helping people to live comfortably and independently in their own homes.  

What do I need to apply?

We don’t expect you to have previous work experience to get a job at Lively. We just expect you to have a great attitude, and an eagerness to make a positive contribution to your community. From there, we’ll provide you with all the training and support you need to do a brilliant job.

You can register your interest in working as a Lively helper by filling out the form below. One of our team will be in contact with you to let you know about current or future opportunities.