Lively for younger

Are you looking for a job, or to gain skills, experience and new perspectives? Become a part of our Lively community of young and older people connecting and supporting each other:

Become a Lively Helper

Looking for casual or part-time work and struggling to get your foot in the door? Keen to do something more rewarding than standing behind a checkout?

Learn New Skills

Learn practical skills from older people who know how it’s done.

What other young people have said

'I found it to be a really rewarding experience... I have difficulty finding employment that I enjoy and this really filled that need. I enjoyed building relationships with the older people... I would highly recommend it'

'It's the most rewarding job you could ask for!'

'I think I learnt that you can really take life in whatever direction you want. Sometimes it feels like you have to study, work, have kids, retire and then die. But the conversations I had with older people made me see that life is so exciting and you can do what you want!'

'I loved learning about people's lives! And the amazing things they've done. I learnt so many life lessons'