Lively brings young and older people together to support each other

What we do

We believe that young and older people have so much to offer each other, and so much to gain from connecting.
We exist to spark the connection
Here’s how:

We train and employ young people who are looking for a job

Connect them with older people who need a hand with technology

And enable great exchanges to happen

How We Work

We believe in a world where all young and older people feel valued, included and supported in our community. Here’s how we make that happen in the Lively network.

Mutual Exchange

It’s not just about young people helping older people, or older people helping the young – all our activities are designed to spark meaningful, mutual exchanges of skills, knowledge, experience and perspectives between young and older members of our community.

Training and Support

We provide specially designed training and induction to all our young employees, as well as close ongoing support, to make sure that the Lively experience is a positive and rewarding one for everyone involved.

Safety and Care

We take the safety and security of our young and older community members very seriously, and ensure that appropriate safety measures are implemented across all of our programs and activities. 

Feedback and Innovation

We actively engage young and older people in designing the Lively experience, and in continuously identifying new activities, services and supports that they can help each other with.